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Did you know that there are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.S. alone and more than 200 million worldwide?

Did you know that over a million species of animal and plant life are now threatened with dying out, more than ever before in human history, and the planet has seen an astonishing 60% decline in the size of populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians in just over 40 years?

Thankfully, there are countless charities working to help rescue our friends with paws from the streets or those that are actively working for the preservation of our planet’s wildlife.

We do believe that donating is the most impactful way to contribute directly to a cause and make a lasting impact.

By donating a portion of every purchase to charities, we’re making big change accessible to everybody and showing the lasting impact that one small choice can have.


Here's where we donate on your behalf if you make a purchase today. Donations go automatically to The DailyKarma Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, which then processes payments to the nonprofits listed below.

ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
From rescue to recovery to adoption, the ASPCA is there for animals every step of the way.

World Wildlife Fund
WWF's mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

Best Friends Animal Society
BFAS is the only national animal welfare organization focused exclusively on ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters.

The Humane Society of the United States
The nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization. We fight the big fights to end suffering for all animals.

Protecting & restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale.

Hope for Paws
Hope for Paws rescues animals who are suffering, facing death or extreme danger that nobody else are able to save.

PetSmart Charities
Helping save pets through adoption, spay and neuter programs, and by supporting efforts that bring people and pets together.